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Vanished echoes book cover
Vanished Echoes
Vanished Echoes Kindle

When a 10-year-old girl goes missing on her walk home from school, it sparks a rapidly escalating crisis told through the lens of an urgent primetime breaking news broadcast.

This gripping page-turner places you directly inside a marathon live telecast tracking each new development as it happens. Told in real-time through on-scene reports, profiling experts and official statements, this present-tense account builds nonstop suspense surrounding the girl's unknown fate over several frantic nights.

More than just a crime drama, Vanished Echoes weaves incisive social commentary on prejudice, mental health neglect and media power into the unfolding mystery. An inventive book that achieves what few works have dared – putting the reader at the heart of the story as virtual viewer.


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2024 Literary awards candidate

Vanished Echoes
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