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I Fantasmi del Passato
Teh Ghosts of the Past

In a bar on the outskirts of Naples, Antonio casually meets his old friend Giorgio, with whom he hadn't spoken for decades.

The two decide to spend the morning together, between memories and confessions, on a journey into the most hidden depths of their existence and their turbulent past.
Antonio and Giorgio recall their adolescent years when their friendship was interrupted for no apparent reason.

They retrace the choices and life paths that led them away from each other. They face old grudges, jealousies, and misunderstandings.
On this day of revelations and new awareness, the two friends discover that they have changed and no longer know each other as they once did. Yet, the bond that united them emerges intact, ready to be renewed, if only they know how to put the past aside and open their hearts to forgiveness.
It is a story of friendship, secrets, regrets and redemption, in which every meeting can turn into a second chance.

2024 Literary awards candidate
Literary award
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