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Bridging Worlds
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Traverse the psyches of figures grappling with existential questions, like the reality-doubting schizophrenic in “Shattering Reality” or the dimension-defying friendship between two boys centuries apart in “Bridging Yesteryear.” These dramatic scenarios serve not just as thought experiments but also as profiles of courage depicting outcasts struggling to reconstruct meaning amidst life’s harshest limiting walls.

Additionally, speculative scenarios allow us to reexamine norms from provocative angles, whether we’re rooting for discovered cryogenic humans to integrate with androids in “The Discovery” or unlocking the motivations of a vigilante psychiatrist thief in “Behind the Mask.” By becoming immersed in these atypical fictional landscapes, it’s my hope you’ll return from the journey with refreshed eyes towards the intricacies, contrasts, and profound magic still embedding the world immediately around us each new day.

So, without further ado, let your imagination take flight!

The worlds awaiting behind these pages overflow with surreal transformations, psychedelic visions, whimsical quests, and characters courageously chasing redemption who might inspire us in turn.

Let's reconstruct Reality with a capital “R” by first shattering limiting assumptions—then inviting you, fellow traveller, to help gather the pieces into new mosaics alive with awe and possibility! Let our shared journey begin now...


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I've just started to read the book … and I really enjoy doing that. Interesting perceptions. 5/5

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