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Trevor Grant

Here is the Narrator I have chosen for my books.

This is my review of Trevor's performance on Vanished Echoes:

A Masterclass in Voice Acting - Trevor Grant Brings Vanished Echoes to Life

Trevor Grant delivers an absolutely stellar narration in the audiobook edition of Vanished Echoes. Through his work giving unique voice to the nearly 50 diverse characters, Grant manages to showcase his tremendous talent while also keeping the spotlight trained tightly on the rich storytelling.

The range of accents Grant has mastered, from Indian to French to English to Scottish, is hugely impressive on its own. Yet even more remarkable is the emotion, intention, and personality he infuses into each character. Their words feel alive thanks to subtle vocal inflections that immerse you deeply into the fictional world.

I was constantly amazed at how Grant could convey such distinct voices across gender, age, nationality, and disposition without leaning on played-out stereotypes. He has clearly put in diligent work to develop an authentic vocal toolkit that serves this book's vibrant ensemble cast.

Trevor Grant has shown he deserves to be named among the most gifted narrators bringing audiobooks to life on Audible. His narration draws you into the narrative instead of distracting you, keeping you invested from the very first word to the final moving chapters. I, for one, cannot wait to experience more of his exceptional talents in upcoming releases and, hopefully, this series' future instalments. Vanished Echoes is worth a listen for his standout contribution alone.


Trevor's Narrations

Vanished Echoes narrated by Trevor Grant
The Ghosts of the Past narrated by Trevor Grant
Trevor Grant narrates Claire de Voyant


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