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For Young Minds Series

At the intersection of finance professional and author resides Luigi Pascal's latest endeavour - a series of short books demystifying complex subjects for curious young minds. 

Aimed at teens and tweens, Luigi Pascal employs playful language, humour, and real-world connections to unpack conventionally dry topics.


The first in the series explores the fundamentals of project management. Further instalments will tackle grasping economics and the political domain. 

While seasoned professionals may find the simplified explanations rather fundamental, these booklets target youth seeking to comprehend famously difficult domains that previously seemed inaccessible.


By elucidating core concepts in an engaging, colloquial style, Luigi Pascal endeavours to pique adolescent interest, spur critical thinking, and promote a foundational understanding.

By melding industry expertise with accessible communication, the author strives to mentor future generations in otherwise intimidating disciplines.


For young readers willing to learn, thank you for your trust as we embark on illuminating life's intricacies - no expertise is required.

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