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Introduction to the Kids Flash stories

All of us carry worlds of wonder within our minds, lands filled with magic, adventure, and possibilities limited only by our imagination. For storytellers, giving life to these inner worlds through vivid characters, evocative settings, and compelling plots comes naturally. Yet often, not every tale neatly fits into a single volume. Thus, this collection was born - a gathering place for narratives of all kinds that stand just outside categorization but deserve to see the light of day.

Within these pages, you'll find fables and fairy tales, mysteries and myths, legends whispered beside the campfire, and dreams confessed in secret diaries. Their diversity mirrors the richness of creativity itself. By turns whimsical, dramatic, spine-tingling or quietly wise, what unites these stories is their celebration of the storyteller's limitless imagination.

So come, wander a while through this treasury that traverses genres and generations. Linger when a particular tale captures your heart; skip blithely to the next account when your curiosity beckons. Here, you're sure to uncover the kind of story made just for you, waiting patiently for its perfect reader. Now turn the page and let the storytelling begin...



Code of Justice - The Robin Hood Saga


This imaginative children's story recounts the adventures of Robin Hood and his band of merry outlaws in a futuristic cityscape. Making clever use of hacking skills and technology, the valiant Robin Hood fights greed and corruption, striving to help the poor and downtrodden.

This entertaining tale for young readers emphasises themes of justice, equality, and using one's talents to create positive change.

The Misfit Orchestra

A motley assortment of damaged musical instruments, discarded as useless, unite to forge an unconventional orchestra. The message of this story is that one's limitations can become one's greatest strength when transcended creatively through unity with others.

The Looking Glass Tales: Exploring Morality in Reimagined Fables

What makes a hero, and what makes a villain? The lines between good and evil are often blurred, with complex motivations driving the choices made by both protagonists and antagonists. This collection of short stories reimagines classic fairy tales and fables, switching the roles of heroes and villains to unveil surprising perspectives. 

Journey down the rabbit hole into inverted worlds where nobility comes from unexpected places, kindness is found in those once feared, and even the most wicked-seeming souls have underlying stories left untold. Familiar tales take on intrigue and moral ambiguity as the mirror casts new light on assumptions about virtue and wrongdoing.

With imaginative prose, these retellings follow the threads of motivation, identity and consequence that weave the tapestry of perceived good and evil. The Looking Glass Tales explore the fallibility of first impressions, the multiplicity of truth and the ultimate power of redemption. They are an invitation to open our minds to perspectives beyond the expected, provoking thoughts about prejudice versus reality.

Turn the page to begin a fantastical exploration of the many shades of heroism and villainy. Discover bountiful possibilities that emerge when either is viewed as the protagonist of their own complex story, seeking purpose amidst unseen challenges. Whether facing sinister sorcery or standing against rebellion, the choices made set in motion redemption, ruin or revolution. 

Let these inverted takes on Little Red Riding Hood to the Little Mermaid cast new light on preconceived assumptions about antagonists versus defenders of justice. Where perception blurs fact, truth waits to be unveiled. Now, gaze into the looking glass and watch old tropes transform through the lens of reversed roles. This is a world where all deserve the chance to pen their tale and shape destinies, both bright and tragic, through decisions driven by human limitation and conviction.



The Narcissistic Romantic

This imaginative character study follows Otis, a vain man obsessed with his beauty and reflection. When Otis becomes convinced he has met his soulmate - an equally stunning man named Helmut - he plunges headlong into planning their storybook romance. But on their wedding day, Otis makes a shattering discovery that causes his perfect fantasy world to unravel. Ultimately, he must confront the root of his all-consuming narcissism and his inability to love anyone beyond himself truly. This psychologically complex tale explores the perils of unchecked ego, the distortions of profound self-absorption, and one man’s difficult journey towards self-awareness.

The Devil's Cadenza

Klara seems destined for success as a world-class violin virtuoso, yet feels stifled creatively as she strives for technical perfection. When she discovers a mystical violin backstage before a pivotal solo concert, mesmerising music unleashes her deepest artistic spirit....


 Will Klara tread carefully or be consumed by her newfound gifts?

Bridging Yesteryear

This imaginative short story follows Jacob, a lonely boy who discovers he can communicate through his mirror with Daniel, a boy living in 17th century England. A magical friendship develops as they teach each other about their respective worlds and bond over their shared interests. 

Shattering Reality

This first-person short story offers readers an immersive glimpse into the daily struggles of living with schizophrenia through the unnamed narrator's haunting experiences. Battling a severe mental disorder that fractures reality and blurs the lines between delusions and actuality, the narrator grapples with maintaining a fragile grip on sanity amidst terrifying hallucinations, constantly threatening to unravel it. This psychologically intense narrative aims to put readers in the perspective of mental turmoil to evoke empathy for those combating such profound disorders.

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