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Cover Tales to Grow By Collection


This collection of short stories aims to instill important life lessons in young readers through imaginative tales exploring friendship, courage, compassion, and personal growth.

The Grand Vegetable Parade celebrates embracing differences and dive
rsity through a joyful celebration in a village of anthropomorphic vegetables. Each unique veggie resident proudly displays their creativity by dressing up for a vibrant parade. By weaving together their diverse talents and working in harmony, they show that communities are enriched by variety.

The Tales of the Travelling Troupe shares the adventures of savannah animals journeying together to find a magical spring that can grant the giraffes’ wish for longer necks. Through teamwork and perseverance, they discover the strength of diversity, the power of dreams, and the magic of unity. Their epic quest teaches that living compassionately and supporting one another enables achieving the impossible. In The Gadget Crew, a smartphone learns to find adventure and meaning through small acts of everyday compassion after underestimating his ability to help others. Though he wants to prove himself through grand heroic quests, he discovers that true heroism springs from ordinary moments of kindness. A Golden Lesson shares a poor girl’s lessons about the true meaning of wealth after years of envying her peers' possessions. With the help of a mysterious friend, she realizes her mother’s selfless love and sacrifice matter more than material gifts. The tale affirms family bonds and doing good deeds as life’s greatest riches. Other stories promote perseverance in pursuing talents (Phoenix Rising), finding purpose through community service (The Light Within), staying true to one’s values (Racing Against Time), and having hope during trials (The Kingdom Yet to Come). Brief motivational essays inspire developing skills for their fulfilment, not ego. Overall, these imaginative narratives subtly impart values of empathy, integrity, generosity, and compassion through archetypal characters and whimsical adventures. The collection aims to nurture wisdom and character in young readers.


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Vanished Echoes
Vanished Echoes
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Tales to Grow by

Beautifully Written Age Appropriate Stories

I sat down with my two kids and my niece to listen to Tales to Grow By and was pleasantly surprised how well each story was written and the morals that each story taught. My younger kids loved and understood stories that were geared towards their age group, but I will admit I loved how it opened up a dialog between us when they asked questions.My niece loved the older stories they made her giggle but also made her think and ask me questions that were very thought-provoking. The lessons that each story taught about compassion, sympathy, unconditional love, etc. made my heart melt. I want to say thank you to the author because these are the types of stories that kids need to hear. The narration was amazing. The right vocal tone voices to keep kids entertained as well intrigued.
I received this book for free upon my request. I am leaving my honest, unbiased review here of my own free will. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has kids you won't regret it.

Blackeagle 06-12-23

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A Whale's Mercy

One Man's Humanity

A Whale's Mercy is a short book that shows how one man's journey in defying ancient customs changed lives and communities. Sigurd realizes that if the custom that he grew up within of slaughtering whales kept up that nature soon would not be able to keep up and that whales would grow extinct so he set about to make a change and a change he made. This storyline brought out many emotions in me it made me angry, sad, disgusted, happy, and warmed my heart. Overall, this book was though provoking and gave me hope for humanity if that makes any sense. I didn't think I could get through this book at first but decided to keep listening, and I am glad I did because it was absolutely worth it.
I received this book for free upon my request. I am voluntarily leaving my honest, unbiased review here of my own accord. Give this book a chance it will definitely make you think and care about other species.

Blackeagle 07-12-23

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Light Within


Light Within is a fun, entertaining story of compassion, strength, and understanding. I listened to this story with my 2 year old daughter, and she actually sat still and listened. We had to listen to it twice because now she has a new hero. I must admit I loved the story, too. I highly recommend this short story to anyone who has children, especially little girls.
I received this book for free upon my request. I am voluntarily leaving my honest, unbiased review here of my own free will.

Blackeagle 06-12-23

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The Tales to Grow By Collection

Great Stories

I was given this book for free,
I enjoyed it a lot, and worth a listen to.
Narration was fine as well.

Soren Mogensen



My kids loved it and so their parents

I decided to purchase this short story collection after my children received copies of "The Light Within" and "A Whale's Mercy" from their primary school teachers, which they absolutely loved. As the paperback collection was better value than buying the stories individually as Kindle editions, and my kids prefer reading physical books anyway, this was a perfect fit.

The author, whom I know from having read another of his novels, clearly understands the youth perspective. As parents trying to raise confident girls in a male-dominated world, my wife and I appreciate having stories that empower young women. The entire family is delighted with this collection of tales promoting positivity. I'll admit some stories for older teens broach deep, thought-provoking themes that elicit self-reflection even for me as an adult. My children are likely too young for those more mature entries just yet, but the book will remain on our shelf for when they reach that age.

For any parent aiming to instil compassion and virtue in their children, I highly recommend this short story assortment. The writing promotes intelligence, self-assurance, and kindness - valuable principles children internalise reading Mr. Rondanini/De Napoli's crisp prose.



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