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Why I wrote Vanished Echoes

Hello everyone,

This timely yet timeless tale explores a fictional but conceivable scenario sparked by the disappearance of a young girl named Lucy in modern-day London.

Through Lucy's story, I aimed to illuminate some of the most pressing issues facing Britain today - escalating societal divides, institutional distrust, immigrant scapegoating and youth mental health neglect. Her tale highlights how collective spirit can unite amidst crisis yet veer towards irrationality when gripped by fear. It examines how sensational media coverage can shape dangerous narratives.

Originally inspired by troubles facing marginalized Roma communities I witnessed when living in Rome in 2005, I reframed the story around fictional characters in London to underline the universal relevance of its messages across groups and eras. My vision was to utilise storytelling to compel reflection on injustice towards vulnerable populations then and now.

While dramatised, Lucy's journey transports readers into an all too believable reality where an innocent child's life hangs in the balance. It reveals how the social fabric can rip when division overrides reason. And it sends a cautionary note on the real-life consequences when compassion fades.

Ultimately, Vanished Echoes echoes my longstanding calling to give voice to the voiceless and bring hidden truths to light. Through Lucy's courage in staring down the darkness, I hope to reignite the belief that no matter how lost we may feel, redemption remains possible if we dare see the light.

I welcome you to experience Lucy's gripping tale for yourself. Never underestimate the power each of us has to spark positive change.


Luigi Pascal

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