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Luigi Pascal Rondanini

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Luigi Pascal Rondanini

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Fiction and Non-Fiction for Adults and Children 

Welcome to my Writing Portfolio! Here, you will find my fiction and non-fiction works in Italian and English. As a self-publisher and published author, I use my name and the pen name Pascal de Napoli to distinguish between my genres.


Take a look around the site and, if you are curious to know what I am working on and would like to stay up to date, sign up as a member.


Click on the links to explore my works!

Bridging Worlds
I Fantasmi del Passato
Vanished Echoes - A Breaking News Story
The Tales to Grow By Collection

Upcoming Events

I occasionally participate in book readings and events.

Keep an eye on this page for the next events.

Luigi Pascal Rondanini

About Luigi Pascal Rondanini

Luigi Pascal Rondanini's determination and tenacity in pursuing his ideals pushed him to leave his native Naples to pursue the opportunities offered by the world.

Born in November 1967 and raised in the capital of Campania, from a young age he cultivated a passion for writing and politics. The desire for social justice led him to actively engage in social issues and write literary works inspired by these values.

At a very young age, he moved abroad to the United Kingdom, where he embarked on a brilliant career in the financial sector and continued his passion for writing, infusing his works with social and political themes with courage and frankness.

Despite living in London, Rondanini has never lost the connection with his Neapolitan roots after having lived on five continents. In his writings, Neapolitan culture and identity emerge vividly as an example of cultural diversity that enriches humanity.

Rondanini wants to inspire readers to pursue their dreams with courage and determination. His story demonstrates how, with commitment and sacrifice, you can achieve great goals while remaining true to yourself and your values.

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