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Why I wrote Bridging Worlds

In my new short story collection, "Bridging Worlds," I sought to build portals into fantastical spaces that also offer insight into the perplexing human condition. Each piece contains nuggets of drama and philosophy that engage readers while encouraging contemplation of deeper questions.

Initially, I envisioned many of these speculative premises expanding into full-length novels someday when time permits. However, as an impatient and prolific creative spirit, I could not resist developing bitesize glimpses into these bizarre yet intriguing worlds straight away. Think of this book as an assorted chocolate box, allowing you to sample wildly diverse realities, characters, and themes before fully diving in.

Several stories like "The Last Anchorite" and "The Soul Snatcher" explore the courage required to safeguard humanity's future. In the former, a hermit must physically and spiritually sacrifice himself when an apocalypse strikes to seed society's gradual rebirth. The latter follows a fraudulent psychic forced to reckon with a genuine case of spectral soul theft from a grieving widow. Both showcase outcasts struggling to reconstruct meaning amidst life's harshest limiting walls.

Alternatively, more lighthearted fare like "The Narcissistic Romantic" satirises our modern self-absorption through a vainglorious man who falls for his own idealised mirror image. Yet beneath the exaggerated comedy lines, poignant truth around society's Instagram filters distorting reality and genuine relationships.

Ultimately, through varying degrees of realism and escapism, I aimed to reconstruct Reality with a capital "R" by first shattering limiting assumptions, then inviting readers to help gather the pieces into new mosaics alive with awe and possibility! Our shared journey across barely plausible dimensions intends not just to entertain through surreal novelty but also to refresh eyes towards intricate magic embedding the world immediately around us each new day when we return from these speculative sojourns.

Stay tuned as further adventures in bridging disparate perspectives unfold with new short fiction ahead! And do sample the weird worlds awaiting behind the portal covers of this first collection. The diverse speculative tales overflow with surreal transformations, psychedelic visions, whimsical quests, and more awaiting your interpretative insights!

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