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A Message to Audiobook Listeners Seeking Free Promo Codes

I recently felt compelled to write this post after receiving a negative review on one of my audiobooks. The experience made me reflect on the nature of offering free promo codes and the responsibilities that come with accepting them.

Offering free promo codes for audiobooks is a bit like offering free samples of Marmite. If you already know you hate Marmite, you probably won't take the free sample. And if you do, you're likely to leave a negative review based on your personal taste preferences. However, there are also people who have never tried Marmite and might take the opportunity to form their first impression, which could be either positive or negative.

Books work in a similar way. The book description serves as the first sample, giving you an idea of what to expect. You can also listen to audio samples of the book to determine whether you'll enjoy the narration style and story before requesting a promo code.

It's important to remember that behind every promo code is an author's hard work. Greed should not drive you to take a "jar of Marmite" if you know you won't like it. As an author, I expect a certain level of respect for my work and to be judged based on the merits of the book itself.

Saying that you dislike the genre or the narration style because you hate Marmite is not a fair point. However, if you accept a "jar of Marmite" knowing that you don't like it and still provide constructive feedback, it can be valuable for the author and helpful for other Marmite lovers.

In conclusion, when requesting free promo codes for audiobooks, please be mindful of the author's efforts and only accept codes for books you genuinely believe you might enjoy. By doing so, you'll be providing valuable feedback and supporting the work of authors in a fair and respectful manner.

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